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"It's a brilliant book.

Thank you very much for helping me be better within my job."

"Love this book, it's slowly becoming my go to"

"I purchased this book ahead of starting my new role as an Activities Coordinator. I found this book so useful and I made many notes whilst reading this! Great for referring back to and lots of templates to use at the back of the book. Very easy to read. An absolute essential to anyone in activities whether new to the role, or already in it. I am so thankful for this book. I highly recommend"

"Thank you for writing such an amazing book. You have answered so many of my questions in one small book. Thank you for a book that explains things easy."

"Thank you to you and your book... I purchased this a few days ago and it's FANTASTIC!"

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Non Fiction
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New Release!

"I write to discover what I know."
--Flannery O'Connor


under the pen name of Alison Moore and Charlotte Moore


Have toilets really changed so much over the years that I have been going camping?’

Join Alison in this humorous collection of memories from over 50 years of camping whether it be in a tent, caravan or motorhome.

Toilets seem to crop up with frequency along with beautiful locations and the idiosyncrasies of the outdoor life.

in eBook or paperback
Calamity Spain



The first time I got onto a plane alone, it set me off onto a new path in life without realising it.


A new path to freedom, exploring places I would never have gone to had I still been part of a couple.


To making friends who lived in another country and wanting to live where the sun shone and life was at a slower, healthier pace.


To wanting to have my own little slice of a Spanish village and live the life that it offered.


I was going to fulfil my dream to buy a place abroad in the Sierra Nevada and live happily ever after.


I knew where I wanted to be, I now just had to make it happen.


Little did I know the roller coaster journey I would have. 

An excellent book of the life of Charlotte who whilst working in and living in England gives an honest account of the way she felt when she buys a house in Spain hoping to move to..and gets let down by a man who she thinks she is falling for. The ups and downs of friends she meets, kind people who help her achieve the dream house renovations, set in a beautiful location.
Well written making you feel part of it.

Interesting tale about the adventures of buying a home oversees and having to deal with the change in culture, the bureaucracy, the language barrier and the people who are always on the look out to exploit newcomers. All while running your own business back in the UK.

A candid page-turner. The ups and downs of following a dream. Charlotte makes the reader fall in love with the village of Lanjaron and its surrounding views. I appreciated her honesty as no dream is realized without determination, and some obstacles.

Other Works/Inclusions

Completely Cats
Tails of the Alpujarras

When Beth and Zoe set out to help cats in need through the charity, International Cat Care, they were amazed at the response. Incredible true stories poured in from cat lovers around the world. As varied as cats themselves, each story is guaranteed to delight, and each book purchased will help support the work of International Cat Care.


Short story inclusion


 In addition to a lovely tale from international bestselling author Chris Stewart, (Driving over Lemons), we have stories from many other well known authors including Victoria Twead, David Luddington, Jeff Jones and Elizabeth Revill.  Valle Verde is a rescue centre which has rescued, treated and re-homed hundreds of lost and bewildered animals however they are desperately short of funds. They receive no government help and rely purely on private donations. This anthology has been sponsored by Mirador Publishing with all profits being donated to help Valle Verde Animal Rescue. All of the authors have generously donated their work and the cover was designed by local artist Charlotte Moore, famous for the covers gracing many best sellers.

Short story inclusion


A few years ago, whilst on a motorhome rally, this tall skinny guy with a vape stick on a lanyard, red boots and a baseball cap came over, looked the van awning up and down and proclaimed it “wonky” and “leaking”. It was neither; well, not very much anyway. Thus, started a continuous series of running jokes about inflatable objects: having picked up on his utterly irrepressible humour straight away, which remained even in his latter days. I’m pretty sure that many people didn’t have a clue of what we were on about half the time and it was like that with many people; he had this knack of striking up an immediate and close rapport with people, but never afraid to tell it how it was. I only knew Dave a few, all too short years, but it felt like a lot longer. Loyal to his friends, colleagues and country, he was one of the men to have by your side when things got a bit noisy and he fought his battles against illness and bureaucracy with equal enthusiasm. This collection of poetry and prose is written as the late author intended so there are grammar errors but that is part of the charm. All funds raised from the book will go directly to the charity as he would have wished

Edited and compiled

Memoir & Fiction



Alison Moore first delved into published works with her memoir Calamity Spain and has also written short stories for two fundraising publications. 


As a lifelong entrepreneur focused mainly in the design and print industry, she turned her back on business life to enhance her life/work balance and became an Activity Coordinator in a specialist dementia care home. It used all her talents under one roof; being creative to enrich the life of residents and utilising her business acumen in organising the paperwork. With various qualifications including a CQF in Activity Provision in Social Care her hands on experience has given her she helped the home receive an ‘Outstanding’ report from the CQC.


Alison then moved into working with SEN students at her local college and used her past knowledge when working with students. A rewarding role that she misses to this day.


Alison is now a full-time writer and artist; achieving the dream she has had since childhood and lives in rural Lincolnshire when she is not travelling the country in her motorhome. You may see her walking on the beach in Cleethorpes with her old dog Joey who enjoys zoomies and trying to eat random bits of seaweed!

Alison and Joey
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