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Do you remember when...?

I was sitting out in the garden with a cup of tea just now. My hands were cupped around my favourite mug. It's nothing special, in fact, it's a promotional mug from one of my suppliers many years ago when I had a very different job. The sun was warming my face and my toes: I'd kicked off my shoes to feel the cold grass on my feet.

There were signs of promise, even in my fairly sparse garden! The grass was growing for one, along with the daisies and the buttercups. This meant the lawnmower would need to come out and we would be left with the sweet smell of grass.

The bees would soon be busy but maybe not just yet, although there were a few around.

I've found that I have begun to appreciate my outdoor space more over the last few years, even though I am not an avid gardener.

I've started noticing the little things. The bees of course, but also the bulbs I had forgotten I had planted last year were poking their heads through, the way the daffodils seemed to dance in the breeze.

What I knew that I must not attack with the mower were the dandelions. Dandelions are the first food for the bees and without bees, they say, we would not exist.

What is more fun than when a dandelion has done its duty, than blowing the dandelion clock and the fluffy seeds floating off to take root elsewhere?

The sun had dropped now and the air was quite chilly. Time to go in and prepare tea.


We all reminisce and we probably don't realise it at the time. Those few moments I had spent outdoors had left me feeling relaxed and peaceful as well as bringing back some lovely memories.

Residents love to think back and recall their memories. What's more, they love to share them too. In the member's area, there is an expanded version to use as a reminiscence activity with your residents.

including photographs and questions to ask.


Taking time for tea

You are having a full-on day. Paperwork to complete and running here and there trying to help out. Pretty standard day I think?

How can you schedule your day so that you

can catch your breath and still be doing your job?

Have a cuppa of course!

As I have demonstrated above, Residents love to have a chat so make this a 1:1 session over a cuppa. Grab yourself a drink and seek out a resident that you feel could benefit from a little interaction.

You can open the conversation with 'Hi Doris, mind if I join you for a chat?'

Then go on to channel the conversation around that person. If they do not engage much, tell them simple things about your life that don't indulge private information. Talk about the way the weather is brightening up.

Even if they do not respond, they are probably listening and enjoying the sound of your voice

or what you are saying. Mentally prepare a few questions or a few snippets that you can talk about with ease. It will benefit both the resident and you

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