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Summer has arrived!

It has been a frantic month or two for me. I've been concentrating on book sales.

The Activity Handbook continues to sell well and be appreciated-have you got your copy yet? Plus I

have released my latest memoir book called Calamity Camping.

This would be a great book to read to residents as stories can be read as and when and there are some superb illustrations to accompany most of the st

ories. It will certainly go down well with

anyone who has camped in a tent, caravan or RV

The reviews are fantastic and like the Handbook I am incredibly proud of it!

Residents will have a field day recalling their own memories of camping. If you have residents that are able, let them read aloud too, you can enjoy listening then!


I felt immensely proud of myself yesterday. I got together the books I'd worked on, here they are below.

Sometimes we need to look back and see what we have achieved in life to realise how important and special we are. Remember that when you next feel low or stressed out.

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