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Spring has sprung!

It's so lovely to be noticing those longer days and slightly higher temperatures.

Daffodils and tulips are peaking their delicate heads by bringing spots of colour to our outdoor spaces.

Mother's Day for the UK has come and gone. The clocks have moved forward and hopefully, we are all feeling the benefits.

What can we do with our residents to encourage them to start exploring outside spaces? A bit of indoor gardening should do the trick.

  • Gather some pots; yoghurt pots will do the trick.

  • soil suitable for seedlings

  • gloves for those who do not like the feel of the soil or having dirty hands

  • wet wipes

  • seeds

I suggest trying herbs to start with as residents can see the shoots coming through quite quickly and can pick at them to taste when they have grown enough.

Growing herbs is multi-sensory. The scent, taste and texture will give a variety of reactions. I would avoid growing chillis though!

Hands in the soil will give another dimension.

If you manage to get the plants to fruition before they have all been nibbled at by residents, add them into salads or give some to the cook to use in cooking. Mint potatoes, coriander for curry and basil for pizza. All lovely fresh and tasty additions.

Don't forget the watering! If you can allocate this task to the more able residents you will make them feel useful and they will be saving staff a job too!


If you find that indoor gardening is a big hit, look further into growing vegetables from seed to plant out when they are strong enough

Find that growing is not successful? Have a pizza topping activity!

  • Gather together some suitable vegetables and herbs sliced up

  • get or make some small pizza bases

  • add tomato base

  • let each resident choose what they want as a topping

Ensure you warn the cook that they will be coming into the kitchen for cooking!

Have a great month and keep doing what you do best


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